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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

When the universe talks ...

There are no words in my mouth for you, no lightnings  and no thunders.I cannot credit myself to the blushing hues that spread all over you.I cannot bloom all the life that breaths through you. I cannot fill your body with the bouts of energy that spark from every inch of you. I cannot give you flames and neither the silhouetted presence of stars.I cannot give you symphonic compositions of life forms. I cannot give you echoes of beating drum rolls. I cannot give you the life that has been burning within you since forever.
I cannot give you anything that was always yours to begin with. Always yours to evolve with.
I live to feel you breathe through me; my breaths belonging to you. I live to kiss you in every place you ought to be kissed and feel supernovas explode like bombs in me. I live to see you bloom. Spread your wings and spin across my unimaginable nothing. I live to hear the noisy whispers coming from your soil, flowing through your veins; everything and everyone being alive in you. I live to see you sing and dance with joy for being the only one living amidst my dead being.
 I live to see you live.
You are my earth and you make me infinite.

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