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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Eternity ...

It was in that complete moment
When I realized 
That she was more like the
Incomplete poems
Rather than the ones
All glorified
She was words, infinite of them
Without an end
I finally know now
What eternity tastes like
When she is curled into me
And skin and bones cease to matter.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Perfect strangers ...

They were a forest fire 
Rubbed, frictioned, ablaze 
Incapable of inspirations
Without the poison they brew
And the passion that was lit 
Everyone else saw a wonder
They felt the intimacy 
All that remained was dust 
Perfect strangers. 

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Beyond ...

She was the sky when storms were nearing
Not one, but several together
Forced into silence
And tearing through numbness 
She was scary
She was beautiful 
She was the beyond.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Winter ...

A girl who was fire herself
Knew how to balm a burn
All the love she gave
And now it was her turn
She was scary and intense
Out of stones she grew
Thorns she played with
And softness never knew
Suns with piercing rays
That were meant as kiss
Thunders that sang to her
And frosted was her bliss
Summer was a man
With a face never seen
Winter her tattered soul
To him serene 
With hands steady
He melted her through
Lost and found she was
By a love she never knew.

Small moments ...

It is in these small moments I love the most
When lips forget to leave your skin
And insists on the voyage of discovering every corner
When bodies remain clothed and us naked
When lungs inspire each other discarding everything foreign to us
How in the inch between me and myself there is you and completeness feels whole 
When hair loves to mess up and fingers love to get tangled in them
When the world no longer matters and a single shared pillow feels like eternity
When you are so raw and dripping with emotions that loving you seems to be the only salvation
And making love feels holy
That is when I love you the most 

Reason ...

I saw your hair
And the way it messed up
With every pull and kiss
And the way your waist knew
Just where my kisses landed
How you filled up the room
With happy sighs
And the way intoxications flew 
Spreading through threads
Within the gaps
Between breaths
I found my reason.

Never cool ...

Every look was a new story
A new way of falling for you
In a hundred ways
Each time different 
Every touch a forest fire
Building up on its own
And kisses that were oxygen
That fueled every move
Of you on me
Sheets like burned leaves
That fell silent
And knew to hold in stories
Written with breaths
This cosmic heat
And the way we burn.
We will never cool.

I don't know what it is about love ...

I don't know what it is about love
That we find so perplexing 
Maybe it's the way everyone can stay
Intoxicated on the thought 
That it is the only saviour
Or maybe how it can crawl
Into every corner of everything
And settle there like dust
That is too adamant to be removed 
Or maybe how it can just cement
Time and memories togehter
To open up to a world that is as unique 
As your and mine fingerprint
Maybe it is the way it sounds
So surreal and compact
Like it could break barriers with a breath
And build mountains with wishes
Or maybe how it floats like poetry
In minds that have learnt to wander
The way it can flow and feel so complex
By staying rather simple
Or maybe, just maybe,
How calmly it can drop free from gravity
And land on known faces and smiles
A thought or maybe a distant memory
I don't know what it is about love
That we find so perplexing
Maybe because we forget everything to hold on
And love doesn't give a damn.