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Monday, 2 November 2015

End ...

Joy be to the person
Blissful enough
to have your scent
lingering on their skin,
Through churned soils
of your blooms,
fortunate lips
to have ever met yours,
glazing towards burning suns,
ears which hold
your words in,
tangled webs of your hair
weaving days into nights,
and darkness adorned
by your whispers,
soft caresses of your fingertips,
cheeks on cheeks,
skin on skin,
the blessed soul
that has your heart to keep,
grateful kisses on faded bodies,
monochrome of your eyes,
and the taste
from where you begin,
be that his eternal peace,
be that his glorious end.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Magic ...

She is earth
damped smell of rusty corners
dripping and soaked
with the midnight shower
that gushed in with your fragrance
phantom apparitions
chariots of memories
soaring, flying, 
shadowed behind free walls
depictions of lost forevers
fading suns,
glowing through neon leaks
fistful of words
blown like dust
scattered, gone,
arranged on landscapes bland
like watercolor stained portraits
careless perfections
mouthed silences
whispers of infinities
she is magic.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Death ...

Come death of strange-land lores
Satisfaction of loving you cold
The calm, the peace, the tranquility
Winds foretold 
Come death of bittersweet rest 
Eyes closed serene 
Fingers that stop too early underneath 
Frozen hearts within 
Too close death you stand
Shadows of numbing happiness engraved
Tiptoes on blue waved curtains
Ribs of shattering love enslaved 
Come death my lovely bride
All black and white do stand
Rest in peace this dire need
Wrists intact and bloodied hand
Come in glory of bleeding grey
The agonized joy of pain 
Paint pale the bodied tombs
For you, my breaths in vain. 

Friday, 19 June 2015

Art ...

whispers through books
pages concealed 
dusty shelves of incomplete verses 
broken lines healed 
fingers that run through creases 
tracing words from skies
poetry and death alike 
forbidden art in your eyes.

Muse ...

Be the muse who bleeds through every crack and every fissure of my broken soul. Let me pour you in, get drunk on your taste and dance to your breaths. Let me spill you on paper in crooked, shattered ways. Every day. On new pages with old inks. I want the world to see how romantic melancholy can be. I want them to hear how melodious trapped cries sound. I want them to feel how home can be. Just how you can make me bleed.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Silenced ...

Haze out the lines
That flow thick and dark
Through the valleys of your pages
For we will hold on
On blankness 
And not let a single drop drip
The flutter of rapid turns
And moistened corners
We will outlive all
Sing of unworded emptiness 
Magnificence it is
The way you collapse 
On sheets that wait to bleed
And rise back
All quiet 
All silenced.

Obsolescence ...

I let it drop
Fall back
Take and consume me
From cell to soul
To cleanse
And baptize
The obsolescence
Of fogged up memories

Remaining too little
Too much
Too long

Breaths for remembrance
And whispers for sanity.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Only way ...

Tonight feels like one of the entities
that invisibly surge against my thoughts 
The benign presence of you
Upflowing from my blood
Boils of moving calamities 
How in the darkness 
Under a charcoaled blanket of sleepless trance 
You move and paint me with touches
Moist anxieties of the never-ending craving 
The feeling of you in the very core of me
Sketching up uncertainty 
Confusions of a mind too blank 
And a soul too full
Flutterings of a heart shaking still
Be that the only way
This aged flesh finds its long lost heaven.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Places ...

She is flesh of mystery 
People and history 
Places where I used to run
She is wired tales
Horizon marked sails
Directions I turn

She is moonlit skies
A thousand whys
Shattered crowns of rain
She is scattered mind
Bodies entwined 
Blood rushing through my veins

Savior ...

These are the nights 
Of broken letters 
Incomplete alphabets
Carved into discreet shapes 
That hold you name like wombs
Solitude of uninspired verses
Let loosely through hard bitten lips
Coffins of unuttered love sonnets 
That do not rhyme
But quiver and thirst
Of that one touch 
One kiss
One long tattered desire
That maybe 
In this blink of a lifetime 
You were my savior 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Sad ...

I like your sad words
Sorrowful , melancholic letters of unknown magnitudes 
Despondent lyrics that hum through nightly pillows
Dismal songs buried beneath covered lips of silence 
Tragic traces of risen moons and whispers of chaos
Woeful taunts of mirrored victorious loneliness 
That spark of blue 
I like their depths.. The complicity of what you feel when you're alone and hark to yourself
Intricate details of your pieces 
They seem so alive even through the grave of your mouth.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Bones ...

I hate the bones in your closet
The way they rattle and Shake and scream
The way you turn back each time, everytime 
To put them back in proper places
The bones of dark twisted pasts
Unearthed and unnerved 
Names and fragrance of someone too far gone 
Too close
You still echo his names sometimes 
Entangled with mine
As if we grew from the same seed
One to entwine 
One to sublime. 

Monday, 27 April 2015

Beyond ...

I tried to wrap me around you
Like sheets of thick numbness
Stitched and weaved as cloaks
Covered in fine fibres of permanence 
Dusts that are stirred 
Dance and blow to new nowheres
I wanted to bandage every broken waves
That surge and rise and play on you
Swirls of frenzied exaltation 
Drops of reverence 
But covered can be bodies
Earthly soil of carved curves
That walk through the lessened lights
That stagger and stutter through stones
And you, calming storms, beyond land air and sea
You, unawakened soul of heaven 
You, untouched mystery of beauty 
You, beyond the light , beyond the darkness. 

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Shatter me ...

I would love to see my soul shatter
on your skin
and burst apart like a million stars
I'd hear the melody of the breakage 
and write up the notes
Glitters on Sea
Like flares of some long made bonfire 
of dried out branches
and embers of passion 
the crash would be passionate 
like lava flowing through our veins
and your body the canvas
where the Spilled colors will drip
shatter me.

Puzzle piece ...

I will love you in pieces
Your fragments 
That Pierce and cut through your skin
Puncture holes in your lungs
Of some unnamed person 
That shattered your flow
I will love the remnants you leave behind 
With every lost step towards rediscovery 
Kiss the earth stained with bleeding feet
Where lilies grow in reverence 
I will look at my broken image
In your mirror 
And see the wholeness 
Of us bearing uneven fissures 
That were always meant
To join like the destined puzzle piece.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Cage ...

Sing to me of nightly wonders
Rains that gush down like war
Lashing waves of longing lust
Echoes of lands afar
Dance with me on twirling blackholes
These cosmic whips of time
Waist to waist in thundering space
This unquenchable thirst of mine
Write to me in endless roars
Poems beyond the Shores of sand 
Washed green leaves of pious sins
Cracks of fate through your hands
Shout with me in torn apart voices
Veins that throb in rage
Scars on skin carressed and smoothed
Come break free from your cage.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Tonight ...

Tonight I will toast to heartbreaks 
The soulful sadness of love
The night will drown us in once more
And we will again rise above
Tonight I will cry out loud
The dampened sound of vain
Cloudbursts of some knee cut kid
Wanderlust of rains
Tonight I will drink to it
The clinks and shatters of glass
Try again to calm the rattle
Of broken things meant to last.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

You ...

There is thunder in every word you say. Like rain tiptoeing on bashing storms. the melody of wrath and the peace of fury when the clouds burst open. You, the splash on green grass when soil is but parched and dry. You, the call of wild. Every move like waltzing clouds on a night that lasts too less for hearts to overflow into each other, and skin to become one. You.

Farewell ...

Today I let you go again.
Once again I get to feel more of you than the less of your presence.
Today is another halt for the promises never broken and days lived.
Another far cry from the throat lump that holds in your name with every word.
Yet another day of rainbows spreading through sooted skies.
Today I find courage of not piercing my lungs from hidden sighs.
Today I feel a bit more than never before.
Today I love you again.

All and Everything ...

I write from wrung out strings of my heart
that beat through the air that fills you lungs
of green eyed wantings
to play on the notes of your ribs
piano keys
this lush ecstasy of knowing
the way your goosebumps will rest on mine
the lust of soul unweathered and unleashed
like a fury that blows through your hair
filling the spaces between my needs
and the way your eyes know to shine above a million galaxies
all and everything I have fallen for
all and everything and you.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Some nights ...

Some nights are different than other nights.
They make me think of you.
Maybe just a moment of laughter shared.
Or the endless talks of hows and whys and whats.
Some nights I lie down and can feel your heart beat in me.
Or the pillows still dented by your support. 
Some nights the air carries your smell.
And the sooted silence sounds like you.
Some nights the stars take your shape.
Hands curl on their own holding on to the gap that you once filled.
Some nights are longer than other nights.
They don't seem to end and they don't seem to begin.
They just stay.
Like you.
A presence of absence. 
Hollowed memories of someone or something dear.
Some nights seem like just yesterday when you were here.
Some nights are poemless and emotionless. 
Some nights are entirely you.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Silences ...

Your silences they speak to me
The way your goosebumps rise and collapse on mine 
and the way your hair slowly stirs all the senses
 of ecstasy in me
They whisper in unknown tongues
The arousal of spirits in the room
Where darkness is, but still
Where loudness run wildly
But quietly,
The way you say my name
Not loud but through touches
Tickles that find solace under your ruby lips.
The haunting of your absence,
The lingering of your fingertips.
Like stars, millions of them, bursting through your veins
I am defeated
And I love you all over again.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

You sound beautiful ...

You write of bliss
Wrapped in the arms of melancholy
You rain down words
That makes sadness glow with warmth
You write in tears
Held back too long
That trickles down spines
Of calloused cursed days
You write of love
Cradled by suffering
Of a heart that has been too apart
To be put back with kisses
You write of incompleteness
That yearning of the soul
You write of life
Beyond the walls of mortals
You sound broken
Cracks and crevices to be filled only with words
You sound beautiful
Raw and natural
That’s uncommon.

Invincible ...

We are like old photographs
Memoirs of pigments
That bleed deep within the veins
Of crushed pages
Bred in rooms of red and black
Tossed away
Or held close to chest pockets
We have survived thunders
Breathed through piercing eyes
And laughed through warm embraces
We are the permanence running underneath
Solid grounds
The green under droughts
Seeds of time growing out of scorching rays
And blending into mute thoughts

We are invincible. 

Home ...

You speak in chaos
And reign in silences
The pause between two words
The gaps between I and love and you
That is where my whole body
Is poured out to you
In the softness between two breaths or two heartbeats
Or just between our combined sighs
That is where I know you
And you know me

That is home

Sunday, 15 March 2015

The World With You ...

I don't want mediocre love
I want something bigger, greater
More magnificent than any of us
I want to travel the world with you
Get matching shirts and learn new languages together
I want mornings in different corners of the world with you
Take you out to lunch in different restaurants across the world
Make new friends together
And take silly pictures in front of historical monuments
I want matching tattoos and hands held on unknown journeys
Count stars on mysterious lands
And end up making love under foreign skies
I don't want four walls with you
I want a small bagpack and never ending roads through lily fields
I want the shine in your eyes with every new destination and every new sunrise
I will not settle for mediocracy
You were born for the universe
And there is no way I will confine your roots to the same place
I want us, a new us every day
Discovering new desires and crossroads
I want random lost highways and colorful festivals with you
I want all of you around all that is

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Lips ...

They were like Spilled colors
All over a kid's coloring page
Some accidental
Some so intended 
Like sinful cravings of dark matter
Hidden under caves of long thickened spiderwebs
And they knew to travel
Spin fast through galaxies 
And bombard into tiny expanding endless curved miracles 
They were beautiful and graceful
Like pearls and diamonds sliding off from porcelain skin
They were whore-ish
Like the detailed haziness in an escort's smile
They were so multi dimensional
So intense and so simple
So exotic and so native
Your lips.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Movements ...

Maybe you were born for all this
Complexity and twists
Maybe because the turns you take
Fit like jigsaws with the roads mapped
And the echo of your footsteps 
Match the bouncing of sunlight off your hair
And the dust you stir with every move
Is what settles turbulences in some oceans
Maybe you are not just a body
Sent here to breathe out your time
Maybe you're here to take those respirations
And churn them to gasps
Blow them slowly into me.
Because you seem less like flesh 
And more like movements 
Through outlined breezes 
And skyfell radiance.

Stardust ...

She was born from stardust
With bones that shimmered
When everything had stilled out
And blood that flew of precious metals
She was beyond tags
Of price or mortality 
For she was not of this world
She walked of flowerbeds 
And spoke of glitters 
And if one could just see her eyes
They'd know
That her ribcage housed not just organs
But planets and constellations 
And each once was dying to burst out
And that made her glow
Skin and hair all that moulded out of galaxies 
And a smile that was of a trance
She was everything alien to earthly wonders
She was beauty set on stars
She was born from stardust. 

Monday, 12 January 2015

Opposites ...

They were opposites
Fingertips of insecurities 
Blows of repulsions 
Blinks of black hole sucked light
Everything not meant to happen 
Eclipsed beings.
Oh but they were radiant
Sparkling flares
When everything else went numb.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Her eyes ...

There was something so disastrous about her eyes.
Like brown depths to the core of something so beautifully cracked and open.
Like volcanos that went dormant in some ancient time and never found the courage to erupt again.
Like beaches, long lonely salient beaches that outwardly hold nothing but are lands to which I wander off often.
Like a fire of pure eternal flame that has burned so much to provide so much and still somehow is flickering through it all.
Like a whole different universe of hope and love and possibilities.
Like slow poisonous pills of ecstasy that give you that tripping feeling every time you look into them.
Like books, old books, that hold worlds in pages now tattered and crumbled, worlds and far beyond wonderful things.
Like first cries of babies and last breaths of the freed.
Like an approaching tornado.
So much beauty, it is disastrous. 

Monday, 5 January 2015

Craving ...

I have started to miss it
The magic of flicking fingers
Through me
And the favourite parts being bent
At corners and pressed thin
The days dawn dead
And this unfinished bookish intimacy remains
Ever so alive
Ever so craving. 

Saturday, 3 January 2015

He wrote ...

He wrote in the dark of night
When everything and everyone known
Were cut off oddly
When life stayed alive secretly
And the alive we knew was lost in dreams
Endlessly and soulfully
Without thoughts and voices
He wrote
Words Spilled in black
On sheets like empty bodies
He wrote about her.