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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Eternity ...

It was in that complete moment
When I realized 
That she was more like the
Incomplete poems
Rather than the ones
All glorified
She was words, infinite of them
Without an end
I finally know now
What eternity tastes like
When she is curled into me
And skin and bones cease to matter.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Perfect strangers ...

They were a forest fire 
Rubbed, frictioned, ablaze 
Incapable of inspirations
Without the poison they brew
And the passion that was lit 
Everyone else saw a wonder
They felt the intimacy 
All that remained was dust 
Perfect strangers. 

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Beyond ...

She was the sky when storms were nearing
Not one, but several together
Forced into silence
And tearing through numbness 
She was scary
She was beautiful 
She was the beyond.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Winter ...

A girl who was fire herself
Knew how to balm a burn
All the love she gave
And now it was her turn
She was scary and intense
Out of stones she grew
Thorns she played with
And softness never knew
Suns with piercing rays
That were meant as kiss
Thunders that sang to her
And frosted was her bliss
Summer was a man
With a face never seen
Winter her tattered soul
To him serene 
With hands steady
He melted her through
Lost and found she was
By a love she never knew.

Small moments ...

It is in these small moments I love the most
When lips forget to leave your skin
And insists on the voyage of discovering every corner
When bodies remain clothed and us naked
When lungs inspire each other discarding everything foreign to us
How in the inch between me and myself there is you and completeness feels whole 
When hair loves to mess up and fingers love to get tangled in them
When the world no longer matters and a single shared pillow feels like eternity
When you are so raw and dripping with emotions that loving you seems to be the only salvation
And making love feels holy
That is when I love you the most 

Reason ...

I saw your hair
And the way it messed up
With every pull and kiss
And the way your waist knew
Just where my kisses landed
How you filled up the room
With happy sighs
And the way intoxications flew 
Spreading through threads
Within the gaps
Between breaths
I found my reason.

Never cool ...

Every look was a new story
A new way of falling for you
In a hundred ways
Each time different 
Every touch a forest fire
Building up on its own
And kisses that were oxygen
That fueled every move
Of you on me
Sheets like burned leaves
That fell silent
And knew to hold in stories
Written with breaths
This cosmic heat
And the way we burn.
We will never cool.

I don't know what it is about love ...

I don't know what it is about love
That we find so perplexing 
Maybe it's the way everyone can stay
Intoxicated on the thought 
That it is the only saviour
Or maybe how it can crawl
Into every corner of everything
And settle there like dust
That is too adamant to be removed 
Or maybe how it can just cement
Time and memories togehter
To open up to a world that is as unique 
As your and mine fingerprint
Maybe it is the way it sounds
So surreal and compact
Like it could break barriers with a breath
And build mountains with wishes
Or maybe how it floats like poetry
In minds that have learnt to wander
The way it can flow and feel so complex
By staying rather simple
Or maybe, just maybe,
How calmly it can drop free from gravity
And land on known faces and smiles
A thought or maybe a distant memory
I don't know what it is about love
That we find so perplexing
Maybe because we forget everything to hold on
And love doesn't give a damn.

Friday, 14 November 2014


She was fragile
Millions of pieces
Stuck together
With strength 
And she glistened in the darkness
Reflected everything 
You never wanted to be revealed
And shone right out
Of the darkest days
She was hope
Wrapped in flesh
And assurance of goodness
That flew like her blood
She was delicate
Every touch that did scar 
But she was unbreakable
Tough beyond compare 
And every word uttered were pathways
Every look maps
To the most intricate places
That she sometimes wandered to
Where she was raw and original 
And she was reborn again
Somehow Spilled out on pages of life
She was an endless novel 
Written in silence.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Only syllable...

There was no other route to self destruction, self renewal and self loving 
No other road made of such thorns that pricked and pierced to bleed nothing but love
there was no other sky that was darker 
But in a way that is home to a million stars
A place so deserted and so alive 
Birthplace and explosion of galaxies
and dust that made us 
There was no other thought so bewildering, so exotic, erratic and pious 
The only syllable that echoed through every hark and shout
Every sound of hearts crashing 
Roars that spun out and floated in nothingness
the only word with settled on raw skin 
to burn and calm flesh 
making home in nights of despair 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Settle into me ...

Settle into me
Like the dusts stirred
Through every soft moan
Of warm fingerprints
On warmer skin
That knows the electric 
Of colliding against mine
Breaths held back
Or maybe somehow forgotten
Or left with shudders strong
Arms that curl around flesh
To leave behind nothing in between
No air and no space
This way eternity fits in a single side of bed
When you are me and me you
We hold us in
Like fire dissolving in flame
And ashes that womb love
Just a night when eyes find their salvation
And heaven feels petty
This is so much more
A hundred infinities sealed as kisses
On lips that part for unhindered roars
A million lifetimes
Births and deaths 
Collaged and framed
When you flow and stir
And finally rest in me.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Phantom Presence ...

Many a times have i felt
A phantom presence
Of some longed entitiy
That knew to take your shape
Rebuild me
In times of ruins
When darkness was not jut the night
And hollowness grew not just in forbidden corners
This apparition that knew
To softly steal all and breaths
to renew and remake
With silent kisses on wishful lips
All of me that had started to rust
This ghost of a soul
That lingered as warm fingertips on cold skin
When you made home quietly
In the most necessary corners of my mind
And the only thing that I realized
It was always you.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Perfect Picture ...

I have always wanted to remmeber her
in the most primitive way
Mornings that were born
To smell like her
Like first dew that glistened shamelessly
Windows hazed up with moistured breaths
Cradled under long nights
Of coiled up slumber
Hot coffee sips 
Cups held like her waist
Carefully with love
Waking of eyes drowsy and innocent
And the searches for a face
That lies beside
Smiles that conceals the mysteries
Written as star streaks
Across night skies
When bodies didn't matter
And respirations mingled
To form the perfect picture
Her and me and us.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Tracings ...

These tracings along your spine
Of raised hopes
And dearly placed chills
Of lips rooted strongly
Along every curve and bend
Like roads yet to be taken
I will tour along you
Fingertips that will forget
To slip off
And discoveries that will be
Hidden like treasures
Under shuffled sheets
And bumpy skins.

Ranting ...

The taste of love through her lips
Times that learned to land
A month and more to make her mine
Completeness in her hand.

Poet ...

The closure she craved
Written on tombs and graves
Spread beneath sheets of time
Body of sand and dust
One day meant to rust
And a destiny of wavy lines
Fiery shadows that walked too long
Still going strong
Footsteps bled on stars
Journeyed heart and soul
Way far from whole
And well hidden scars
Redefined beauty through smiles
The ashes of longing in her eyes
A form of such graceful silhouette
Words that made home on walls
Reborn lady from each fall
She my poem, she my poet.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Simplicity ...

She was a tornado
The sting of sunrays when it first hits your eyes
The spark that breathes into thunder
There was so much untold magic
In the way she reached out
To unhelped hands
There was so much electric
In the way her soul knew how to flow
Beneath and through the blandness of the world
And shine right out the way
Her eyes shone while dancing in the rain.
She was all the simplicity found
When drops like crowns hit and made it smell like first love.
She was all the grandeur seen
Through hazes of first rain.
She was all and everything.

Ranting ...

She, of a song
Sang with so much
That every cord
Of hers,
Every tune,
Played nothing
But everything
He ever understood
And breathed in.

Forever more ...

In her eyes I found a fire
That cooled off my flmae
Grasping hands and entwined fingers
Hearts held without shame
Warmth of hers that dripped from me
Through and through the day
Curved lips of perfect words
Songs sung my way
Messy sheets threaded with love
Subtleties on breaths
Neck that held in kisses soft
Marks of turbulent rest
Pages sewed with spilled words
Rooted together we stand
A day a month a lifetime more
Squeezing back of hands 
Silent voices from me to you
Beyond infinite shores
I'll hold you as heartbeats mine
Today tomorrow forever more.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Undressed voices ...

They have started to take shapes
All these undressed voices 
That once shook
And trembled
But now roar out
To your skies
All their containment now burst open
With drippings of first dew
And the knowledge
That you will always settle
Quiet and serene
As their innermost  poetry.

Embossed moments ...

The little embossed moments
Of rugged fingers
Tracing every contour
Along your lips
When sheets and treads
Remain lonely distances
And legs entwined
We crave
For frozen tickings
Hands that have learned
Every way
Around your silhouetted waist
And eyes
That became home.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Words ...

I borrowed words
Countless words
Like stars
Smudged all across
Our skies
Lighting ways ahead
And placed them in whispers
Upon your eyes
And watched as they soaked
Teared and droped
With smiles that mothered
Every kiss
And silence that screamed
It all back.

Ranting ...

And i knew from that very instant that all the craving she had was of careless kisses planted all over her and hands that could pierce her flesh to soul, lips that would make home on her collarbone and skin that would cover her more than her own did. All the hunger in her eyes for a love that would make her forget everything else needed to survive.

You were ...

You were always the calm
Mid-oceanic flow of turbulence 
The silence of known assurance
The labyrinth of all
That is consoling
The stillness that takes over
Before every storm
The world heavy hope
Grasped within a child's fist
All the unmeasured words
That never failed to drip
From lips sealed for too long
The rays that ever managed
To bounce off my skin
for every time i smiled up
To your radiance
Every cell and crease 
that will and did cross
The blinking lifetime i live
You were always the mystery
That held body and soul tight 
So cemented
So independent
So concealed.

Pour ..

It has taken me
Quite a while
To learn how
To drip and pour
Guilt free
To dryness
The way to
Cut through
Star streaked skies
To land up
On eternity 
With feet chained
To you
And the way
To all the roads
We could take
To reach beyond
All everything.

Flow ...

She of endless tears bound
life of struggle
And mystery profound
He of pieces glued tight
Cracks of love
Wronged  rights
They of a flow eternity
Treasured memories
Seeping free
We the they so fitted fine
I be yours
You forever mine.

Electric ...

All this electric
and no way to pour them
The way goosebumps play
With every touch
Coming from your direction.
You, the breeze
That took so long to reach
And I, the ship
That was thought
To be broken.

Eternal Right ...

Halted lives and steadfast steps
Clearly mapped roads ahead
Hazy maps of us within
Clarity of reflections seen
Scarred bodies renew
Broken souls sewed
Circle of love aflame
Eyes beyond all shame
Lips parted for words true
Hands meant to hold you
Chested beats kept strong
The eternal right after crushing wrongs.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Goddess ...

Beneath the hows and whys
Late night cursings
Meaningless cries
She sits like a trance so raw
Offerings made
Picture of awe
Chaotic mind set to ease
Still rolling on
Soulful peace
Skin of radiance shine
Remade goddess
Ever so mine.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

In soul ...

I swear i heard thunders and roars
Vibrating through every thread
Voices too loud to shut out
Touches too real to ignore
And an apparition
That took your shape
In the darkness
Only to pass through me
In longer nights
Of disdian memories. 
I have heard words not yet whispered
And known to keep you
In soul.

Gazes ...

I closely place my beats in them
These gazes from me to you
Tearing through words
Fighting for places
At the bedrock of all
And everything you make me feel
Struggling glances
Of all that I will ever
Fail to say
Because we are infinite
And words were never enough.

Road ...

This was just another road
That looked familiar
With the known bends and turns.
But my fingers held
All the difference.
My own heartbeats
In her breaths
And touches that held fire
Braiding of bodies
And flesh that held us as one.

Inseparable ...

Kisses like drops
That trickled within the cracks
Body and soul
Some old wind that gushed past
Heartless and cold
Try and fill now
All fractures
Holding me in
Freeze together
Thaw together
You and me

Here within ...

Soothe my nerves
Here within
You my reason
Of being
Calm my turmoil
Here within
Soul to soul
I lean
Touch my spark
Here within
Weave togehter
As we
Blaze me apart
Here within
Pour you
In me.

Home ...

Her eyes were all the shelter i needed
And her arms seemed like home
Carefree blinks in my way
And breaths that were my own.
Tangled fingers in her hair
Flesh on flesh we stay
Lips on mine spilled still
Gazes in her way.
The dreamy touches of kisses soft
Of starry nights and skies
One blanket shared and homed
And time that never seems to fly.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Reasons ...

I could live on the subtlety of us
And draw in breaths of you
With hands that knot as one
And hearts that closer grew.
Foreheads calm silenced within
Lips on lips we stay
Hips to hips we fight for words
Kisses for words to say.
Dance tonight hand in hand
We'll sway our path away
All the permanence i find in you
All my reasons to stay.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Ranting ...

I have ripped apart my soul
For peace
And seclusion
For the ony thing
That could bring me ease
I found you.

Friday, 29 August 2014

A letter ...

Flashing lights and blaring sounds
Blinked passes of time
A letter to whoever it may concern
Words to a love of mine.

Empty barrels of eternal flow
Bleed and conquer it will
I write to you with love sowed
Read and shudder your still.

Patterns broken and jointed again
Pages creased and old
Turn with love this letter soft
Read a story untold.

Not a soul to speak out loud
Not a shadow in the dark
A letter of jumbled words
Of suppressed shouts and harks.

I call to you with paces slow
Touches that forget to leave
Letter that holds the fragrance
Of fingets knitted and weaved.

Reflection ...

Mute trails of phantom pasts
The bland senses of touch
Dried hands of longing much
Hanging strings of us
Broken mosiacs of you and me
Glued by distant smiles
Floating airy kisses soft
Your eyes reflected behind mine

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

First ...

That moment of first spark
First light in the first dark
Numbers that filled the room
Eyes that met too fast too soon
Voices hushed and rather soft
Whispers screamed and silenced not
Strange faces with rocky shores
Stranger knowledge and so much more
Distance between unknown souls
Distance still, us incomplete whole.

No matter ...

No matter you
No matter me
No matter the lifeless everything
The collision of sparks
And flames be renewed from them
Heavy eyes of cradled slumber
No matter crossroads.
We are here, alive, knotted, one.
That is all and everything.

Map ...

A lifetime spent searching
In every loose breath
In every unnoticed inspiration 
Spent trying to grasp
That one first
Of what I might look like
Through you
From this mirrored view
Glass of stray drops and vapour mosaic
Your reflection held the map
To me.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Bleh !

I fell for you the moment I saw you.
Two strangers in two different corners
And somehow I knew
I was ready to battle worlds
To have you next to me.
All this time and never did my eyes
Once wander
To any direction
Other than you.
Even before lips parted
For first words
I fell in love.

Sanity ...

I am but parts remaining
Of a long time down seconds
Burnt and consumed bits
Of some long lost soul beckoned
Languishing days that have moved sultry
Of parched pavements longing
I be born of those and more
Thirst more from wanting
Dabs of black on pages of white
Of tired fingers that remain
Treading depths ever not known
This the sanity in our insane.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Particles ...

I have spent my entirety
Waiting and drowning
To reach the base
Where all this began.
The very foundation
Where this insatiable thirst
Once dried
Has now overflown.
Where we've crashed together
With cracks and fissures
And burst for ever more.
I am still searching for the bedrock
From where whole pieces of us
Have weathered for far too long
To dust out to nothing

But inseparable particles. 

Friday, 1 August 2014

Every ..

I will bear proudly
Every crease and fold
Made at every bend in my spine
On pages old.
Taking all the useless ink
That blotted carelessly within
On every groove
And every seam.
Remembering every word
Scratched out and tore
Hundreds said
Two hundred more.
When all that I wanted to overflow
Never found a river to channel through
And every inch that
Made home in you.

Only Separation ...

Lean closely now
Not stirring,not shaking,
Hands clasped onto bare skin,
This way i draw you close.
This way the only separation remains
Of skin.
Hold tight till the stars have moved
Long enough for the night
To break off
Let the only separation remain
Of sheets.

Tired ...

Im tired of them all
Combinations of wordd
From varied lips describing you.
Im tired of empty spaces
Pretending to be you.
I discard them all
Every last dot
And i will not stop 
Till this air holds
All of you.
Till i am choked with you,
Still gasping for more.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

I will ...

I will whisper it all out
Every last atom of you
To the very last line of our existence. 
I will drown myself suffocatingly
In the ocean of you
Till I have reached the very depth.
I will let it pierce my skin
All that you are borne of
All those stiched pieces.
I will not stop
Till all that you are to me
Have found perfect verses and words
To scribble their way out of this unsaid agony.
I will bleed till you find your rightful place
In the arms of alphabets.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Movement ...

She moved with grace that
For eternity
Outshone divinity.
All her simple motions
were the foundings
Of the holy pier
On which I knelt
With pure enlightenment 
Of every speck of everything
We shared as one.

She ...

There was always something so exotic about her. She was like the perfectly mysterious snowflake that settled even before winter came all dressed. She was the first anonymous blot on paper and the unknown drop that smudged her way through colors numerous. She was the disastrous storm that people risked their lives to capture in every raw piece of flesh. The first drizzle of strange origin and the hark of all that managed to leave one breathless. She was the wind that saturated every pore of my shriveled up self. She was all the clarity I could never see on my own.

I know them ...

I know them well now.
I can recognise them from miles away.
All and every rhythm they have learned
I know them by heart now.
Will you not, my love, stop a while
And allow me to trace every single vein
Through which they flow.
The music they make.
The way they breathe into me.
Your heartbeat.

Walls ...

The walls have started to crumble
They have started to crash to grounds
And leave nothing but scarred rubble.
And I can see you standing there
Amdist the oceanic turbulence
Of not knowing how to walk
Without the weight of the walls.
I see you and I can tell
With all breathlessness
You have never looked
So beautiful
So illuminated
So clothed
And so bare.

Tell me ...

Tell me now
what remnants would I leave behind of me
If not for you
Glueing the pieces together.
And how would your reflection feel
If not for mine reflecting you back.
Or how we could know
Who we were to truly become
If not for this.
Tell me, tell me now.

Run smooth ...

Run smooth through my veins
Like passion and poison
And leave not a single cell empty
With your intoxication. 
We have learned to swirl like flames
And blend like alcohol.
In this whatever scrap of lifetime we have left
Be me and I'll be you
And we will flow valiantly
Through the valleys of our bodies
Till we reach the depth of the everything nothing.
Then we shall flow ever more.

Ranting ...

The more of you in the less of me
And all the completeness we define.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Tiny aggregates ...

These rays that have learnt
To creep ever so slowly
Into every careless cracks
That help join our pieces together.
Like tiny aggregates of you
Within tinier pores of me
And the countless ways
I learn to adhere to you.
I promise, in this blinking lifetime of mine,
I will be home to every gritty dust
You make yourself of
And love you in ways
You never could have imagined possible.

Whisper ...

"How far?", she whispered.
"Love", I said,
"Till horizons merge with our skin and ashes unite as one from our souls. Till we've become the we we've always needed to become."

Can I ? ...

Can I, against all oddities, 
Splurge all that I have,
All that I am,
Converting them to words countless
And touches infinite
And send them storming your way?
Can I, against all repulsions,
Sweep my arm around your waist
Pull you close
And place hummings along your cheekbones
To finally live off the cravings?
Can I, against all separation
Chisel your name like sacred offerings
On bricks of every walls in between
And  build mountains
To scream and thunder with sheer affection
All the need I house so  rampant within?
Will you echo it all back?

Wordlessness ...

Every word that echoed, every promise made 
To be kept, To be broken
Made for assurance, Made for shelter.
Every single syllable that ever rolled
And poured over our landscapes
To map with certainty the paths we walked.
Every sound of everything never heard.
I say them to you, today, again.
Will you be still, so still,
Till the last sound has been spilled and overflown?
Drown with me now in this wordlessness.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Destined ...

Oh the many wars fought
With hearts and minds
To prove again and again
All the dynasties that ever will
Exist within me
Will be build on foundations
Of you
and all that do and will
hold your shadows 
To make kingdoms of us
With twirling ashes
Of concrete
Of what was
And will forever be

Monday, 30 June 2014

Too much ...

There is too much to long for
Too much yearning
Too much rain.
And within each spell
And each drop
Know I will snuggle my way
Through this jungle of sheets
To find you
And hold you
And let warmth spread from me to you.
There is too much everything
But too little time.
These moments,  they make
Everything of everything.

Could we be it? ...

Could we be it?
The vapours rising invisibly from these waters
Surrounding all permanency. 
Of salty tastes and gritty feels
Could we be afloat this very air
And land on places unknown.
Learn to drift slowly across oceans
And sometimes free fall through clouds
Crashing on lands
Only to vaporise again?

Friday, 27 June 2014

Heartbeats ...

I count your heartbeats 
To keep warm
The still calm side of bed
For times when your scent forgets
To be left behind with sheer curiosity
To count my breaths 
Falling on empty pillows
To keep you company
When miles grow too long
For arms to blanket you through lonely nights.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

scribbling ...

Send out ripples from your skin 
And let not my confinements
Be the boundaries that hold you
Not now, not ever.
I will break every embankment ever made on me
To help you flow with rock cutting edges.
You the unstoppable flow
And I all that you channel through.
This is home made with cracks
But you were born for oceans.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Grains ...

Let's blind time and sieve out every last grain of sand
That ever felt to the bottom
With heavy thuds and despair
While we were we and we were infinite
I think it's time to go back with forward sprints
And live again those grains of sand
That crashed
And freeze again the ticking
To the moment of rumbling echoes through the sky
And fingers that forgot to unwound. 

Ranting ...

Maybe this is what solidarity is all about.
Me and the phantom presence of you
Soft haunting kisses
Reminding me every second
How I am the gap you so completely fill.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Ranting ...

Meandering madness of life
I've wandered through every
Curve in my spine
To love you with every drop
That ever will flow through me.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Wordless ...

Let's coil up and discard together the weight of all yesterdays borne for all tomorrows. Drop every last thread of every last worry to the ground and let soft fingertips be the only blankets on each other's backs. Our tattered pieces, they rattle, and the melody it creates is what has always flown ever so lighly in the air of this room. The lights have always known when to dim and let mists of our breaths be the only proof of life. This way my respirations rise and fall on your neck and this way your lungs hold my scent in. Fingers braided together as we sit up all night wordless. These stars, carelessly spotted on this coal sky, are proof of the many infinities we have always wanted to freeze in time.

Ranting ...

Your eyes smudged with streaks of black.
Tears never felt so right
Neither we so complete.
All that remained were clothes
Carefully unbuttoned to the floor.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Last breath ...

I want it to fall heavy with reluctance
of so much of so little
known and unknown.
Vastness I want it to
flirt and mix with.
Go waltzing through eternity.
Blow grains of sand off of heaven
and carefully land them at your feet.
Meet horizons we've spent our lives chasing
and burn with glows red
awakening your days and stealing away nights.
Be the light that so subtly settle on you skin.
I want it to make home in you
Every corner of you
unknown to you.
Be it the last I draw of you.
And I will not exhale
till you keep it safe.
My last breath.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Whisky Lullaby, Brad Paisley ♥

She put him out like the burnin' end of a midnight cigarette
She broke his heart he spent his whole life tryin' to forget
We watched him drink his pain away a little at a time
But he never could get drunk enough to get her off his mind
Until the night

He put that bottle to his head and pulled the trigger
And finally drank away her memory
Life is short but this time it was bigger
Than the strength he had to get up off his knees
We found him with his face down in the pillow
With a note that said I'll love her till I die
And when we buried him beneath the willow
The angels sang a whiskey lullaby

The rumors flew but nobody knew how much she blamed herself
For years and years she tried to hide the whiskey on her breath
She finally drank her pain away a little at a time 
But she never could get drunk enough to get him off her mind
Until the night

She put that bottle to her head and pulled the trigger
And finally drank away his memory
Life is short but this time it was bigger
Than the strength she had to get up off her knees
We found her with her face down in the pillow
Clinging to his picture for dear life
We laid her next to him beneath the willow
While the angels sang a whiskey lullaby

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Ranting ...

Drops on some lone wire
How we chase each other
And combine
And fall as one.

They ...

They were like dust blowing frantically
From here to there
Through the paused noises of night.
They flew from me to you, on tiptoes,
Blowing with the shadowed curtains.
They traced every inch of flesh on you
As my own fingertips
And left tender touches of lips everywhere.
They settled in your pores
And tickled you in places
That made you roll on your back
To me.
Once again, this one side of the bed
Held my entire universe.
They were everything I never could say
In the chaos of the day.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Scribbling ...

Long have these eyes stayed open,
now heavy with the weight of minutes
that have been flooding in
all day long.
The bed awaits to be messed up
by careless tosses and turns
and meaningless kicking off
of blankets to the floor.
They stay still
till these lips have left their mark
on your forehead
when you fall asleep.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Ranting ...

Slowly carved on my back
With love and tenderness 
are the many lines of proof
Why we breathe as one.

Ligtening ...

They were lightening
Soft white streaks across the darkness
And thunder it made love to
Passion and emotions alight.
They dripped slowly from the coal night
And struck with care the ground
On which I stood.
Every mark it left behind
Was reasons why reason failed with you 
They were whispered words from you
That awoke my morning.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Apologies ...

Hold closely and tightly those fingers to my lips
And let unsaid apologies for words not murmured
Rain down your wrist.
Drop by drop, let them crash like crowns.
These lips have parched from the heat of all things
That this tongue never could say 
And words, like empty treasure chests, remain,
Remain hidden deep in this soul. 
This body had always awaited for your gypsy being
To come help me find me.

Ranting ...

Let's throw our bodies back
and inflame it
and be at peace. 

Ranting ...

The way this one umbrella houses
Every speck of completion
In the way we are wrapped up
As one body.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Random Poem 20 ...

People were many
Us, but one, 
Lips were there
But kisses none.
Empty were we
Till us we found,
Faded away the world
Without a sound.
Woven together like threads
Stood there we,
And all we could stammer
Were words three.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Ranting ...

The way you twist and turn 
And fit so much of you within my fingers
And all that is left out
Makes me miss you so much.

Lighthouse ...

Reach out with you hands and stretch those long creased fingers as far as they can go. It does not matter if they fade and burn out in the horizon. You've been standing here with patient feet and the struggle through every turmoil is carved like magic on you.
Time has been witness to the youth you've carried so valiantly within you all this while, the way it had always outshone every silver lining that cracked through the clouds. The soil you stand on house all your secrets that you have treasured, carrying the weight of all words that ever missed to trickle from your lips.
I sail to you from this sea of long forgotten belongings.  This sea of messed up patterns spread uniformly across everything. Amidst all these fumbles and fogged nothing, stand proud. Stand tall like the lighthouse you've always been and I will sail my way safely to you.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Ranting ...

You feel like all of purity
The way your radiance
Feels purer than purity itself.

Random Poem 19 ...

Sleep in me while the world goes awry
A cold night is yet to come
Make this one bed your reasons many
To share the night with words none.
The only sound that will remain
Is that of our bittersweet breaths
You've aged alone for a long time now
Share this night with me instead.
We'll scream and shout without a single word
Leave all this silence behind
With crumbling withins we'll speak our soul
In each other,  each other we'll find.
The break of dawn is far far away
Do stay the night with me
The weight of hollowness it grows heavier
Fill me a little with it if you please.
I no longer wait for morning to come
This night is all that we need
The way it blankets us in one
It is all there is and all that needs to be.

Greeting ...

This earth and the way it greets us with its drenched self. 
The way it knows to quietly break the news of the
Drops that had been crashing all night
On its thirsty body, after a wait a bit too long.
While we were dreaming away in some world unreal
How it went lunatic with splashes of it getting mixed up.
This chill that it brings along
As proof of all the wildness that it was witness to.
The way is comes on tip toe
Planting soft kisses on your skin
And you shuffle a bit more tigher to me.
Legs entwined under this one blanket
And the way your head rises and falls on my breathing.
The world outside is dripping nothing but green
And the way the morning sweeps away
Every last bit of everything
That loved it less
Than the rain that danced on it.

Grooves on hands ..

These grooves on our hands and how they know exactly how to find their grip on each other. Lost highways on the little universe they call home and how they fool us with fables of fate and destiny. Like carefree  cobwebs in some forgotten corner, these have aged with us every moment and slowly shifted routes with time. I've seen them blush on your touch and smile as they bend to take you in.
How cleverly have they expanded and extended and intersected each other leaving trails of exposure.
Watch these lines as they carve in fates and root deeper into the palms that have housed them and all the weight they claim to carry.
All the different ways they tangle up to form alphabets of you.

Random Poem 18 ...

Dandelions in air and all the wishes they carry
Longing lips and the soft blows
Up they go, afloat and free
Where they'll land no one knows.
Will wishes get mixed up
And no longer remain mine
Will someone else get all of you?
Or might it get lost in the crowd
Will I then have to wish anew?
Or will the seeds disperse far
And bring you home to me
I sit here with hope on my lips
Blowing dandelions free.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Ranting ...

Fall with me,
Eyes closed, body shivering,
Into this vast everything.

Random poem 17 ...

Let's go back to the haunt of nights
And clouds rolling in
Back to the nights when werewolves cried
And the earth standing still.
Let's go back to the very first time
Of all that there is
All that made you and me
All that there ever will be.
Take my body and keep it safe
I give myself to your bliss
Let your scent linger in my bones
Let me for the last time taste that first kiss.

We are ...

We are not made up of clich├ęd words that drip so smoothly every time we part our lips, nor are we quotes that have rugged from repetition. We cannot be compared to the commons of the world and its way of rejuvenating in the same way time after time. We cannot be written on papers flicked over with licks of everything that has forever existed and neither can we be found lingering where others already exist.
Sometimes it is like we don't even belong here and we keep on wandering about without a map to reach a destination we have not even a picture of. And yet, sometimes, it is as if this world mirrors us with all of its fire.
We are constructed not of screams and thunders but rather of silence and shh. Of all wordless emotions and all that is not found among crowds. We are born of stillness that has silently snaked its way through our bodies and filled the gaps in us that were ever vacant. We are made of mid oceanic storms that the common eyes have yet to see. We are made of empty pages that letters don't belong with and empty quills that have long finished its share of euphoria. 
We are made up flesh and blood and breaths that can blend only into each other and stay still, indiscriminate and of halved lives that if taken from one will burn out from the other.

Friday, 23 May 2014

These eyes ...

I see these eys and think of all
the wonders it has seen.
And all the many times
It has been kissed by
Your soft presence.
How in surprises, your hands
They cupped them and opened
To your joyous beaming.
How they've spent nights awake
Reading every single speck of dust you are made of.
These eyes, and how they always know
To draw the curtains
When your lips find their way home
To mine.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Random poem 16 ...

You and I, like broken ceramics,
Not knowing which piece belongs to whom.
You and I, like the the fabrics of us
Upon which we are sewn.
You and I, the fields of colors
And the soft touches of hands,
You and I, trees on some summit
Coiled up and tightly rooted we stand.
You and I and the world forgotten
This silence and this hush.
You,I, I, You,

Ranting ...

Fingertips soft like velvet
Kisses hot like the first sip of coffee
Sunlight on your face like an offering made
This way we wake up in each other,
Every morning I get to love you more.

Spirits ...

We were never so complicated as the world portrayed us to be.
Like a blending of cocktail, we were made up of ingredients common. But we were swirled and shaken and mixed in the most perfect ratios.
A pint of you with a pint of me with and that was all it took. We were really just spirits subliming until someone lit our concoction on fire. The flames we made were even simpler, there was no you or me, just us, alight and oh what a sight! We smoked and rose and when finally free from the vessel containing us, that was when we curled up in each other and with tenderness lifted each other and faded out into the blue.
We were just spirits before and if not for the fortunate one who set us alight, we would still be contained.

This one call ...

This is what I want to fill the gaps that separate us. This one call when everybody's home, tucked in beds like children. This one call that is made up not with words but silence. Silence born from all the things that have yet to fit in with combinations of alphabets. This one call where there is no sound other than us breathing and the gradual collapsing of the miles. This one call on this one lonely night and the ghostly presence of your muffling sheets beside me.

Random poem 15 ...

Be the paper on which I spill myself
Drop by drop and ink by ink
Be still as dabs of me
Blot and spread and in you sink.

Ranting ...

I have felt the world vanish.
A fading of this followed by a fading of that
And gone.
I have felt it diasppear when I draw you near
And just stand there.
No kissing. No hands.
Just forehead to forehead.
And the feeling of being whole,

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Heaven ...

I was never so dead as I am alive now. One bench, you and me. We care not for the coffee going cold and we care not about the unknown stares. We were born from the same dust and this moment was destined. We care not to keep track of time or count the leaves that fall like snowflakes. The sky is aging with us and we care not to think about the dawning dusk. We care not about the different shapes that float overhead or of the many feet that pass us by. I finally know how a lost soul feels on finding the shore he had been searching so desperately all his life for.
We care not about the world or the way it races about mindlessly. Fingers braided together and your lap my pillow.
I know now what heaven feels like.

Random poem 14 ...

Touches like bloodstains left all over me
And kisses like blades that pieced me into two
One part you took as yours to keep
The other still alive loving you.

Ranting ...

Just words they were
Until they came from you
Oh! what wonders mere words can do!

Random poem 13 ...

Come as you will
Guarded and bouldered
Or wild as the oceanic flow in you
Come with screams and whispers
Carrying words unsaid
And I'll echo back
I love you too.

When the universe talks ...

There are no words in my mouth for you, no lightnings  and no thunders.I cannot credit myself to the blushing hues that spread all over you.I cannot bloom all the life that breaths through you. I cannot fill your body with the bouts of energy that spark from every inch of you. I cannot give you flames and neither the silhouetted presence of stars.I cannot give you symphonic compositions of life forms. I cannot give you echoes of beating drum rolls. I cannot give you the life that has been burning within you since forever.
I cannot give you anything that was always yours to begin with. Always yours to evolve with.
I live to feel you breathe through me; my breaths belonging to you. I live to kiss you in every place you ought to be kissed and feel supernovas explode like bombs in me. I live to see you bloom. Spread your wings and spin across my unimaginable nothing. I live to hear the noisy whispers coming from your soil, flowing through your veins; everything and everyone being alive in you. I live to see you sing and dance with joy for being the only one living amidst my dead being.
 I live to see you live.
You are my earth and you make me infinite.

Random poem 12 ...

The past is an archive of frozen moments
Every single moment of falling in love with your soul
I fall for you again, here and now,
I'll fall for you tomorrow and forever more.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Ranting ...

I watched the wind dance in your hair
Watched the sky blush to sleep
And I watched your smile.
That was what I loved the most.

This city ...

This city. With its many heartbeats and hauntings. Of grounds lit on fire and dried trees with its uncountable accounted lover names carved. Roads dry and wet, of millions of bit of broken words and promises. Buildings of concrete and the monochromatic roadways with their trails of star dotted car lights. Flashlights and headlights and all the universal sounds. Cries and laughs, screams and whispers, noises and silence. Graveyards surrounded by so much life. Colors everywhere. Hoardings of neon and leaves lit up by some unseen unknown light.Tattooed pavements, of footprints and tyre marks and a few hurting cracks here and there. Strangers and known ones. Families, glued with emotions and smiles. Fingers curled into each other's. And you.
Home in a home.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Ranting ...

You were the lunatic wind
Who could not be contained
And I, the curtain,
Alive only when I danced along with you.

Ranting ...

Soft kisses like dew drops
placed with utmost care on dreamy eyes
I watch the day blush and wake up
through you.

Ranting ...

I chased you till my feet were tired and could chase no more.
It was long before I realised you were the never ending blue
And I the ignorant cloud who never knew.

Random poem 11 ...

Take away the bandages and leave behind the bruises
Every fissure and every breakage you hold
Let yourself not shine through yet another night
Leave behind the scarred creases of every fold.
Dance under the moonlight with your exposed and dripping wounds
Feet leaving bloodstains on every place they fall,
Waltz with me as I fall for each single crack you house in your soul
Watch me as I bleed from them and love them all.

I remember ...

I remember the muffled sound of clothes being carelessly thrown to the floor and the rustling sound of leaves in the dried air of the afternoon. I remember the solidarity that we were surrounded by and shirts, like flowers being plucked off our skins. I remember the smell of your hair and the still traceable fingerprint you left behind on every single cell of mine. I remember the fulfilling of every single vow we never made and the sound of us gasping for air.

I remember the world going apocalyptic still and then bursting into flames as we lazed around making silent love. I remember tender kisses being planted with glances and the unfastening of desires that spread achingly though us. I remember synchronised heartbeats and the exploring of worlds undiscovered. I remember feet tangled up like knots and fingers knitted together. I remember the feel of your flesh on mine and the resting of you on me.

I remember spending eternity coiled up and carved together. I remember warm bed of intimacy and cold perspirations of drugged wants. I remember the silent crashing of your waves on my shore and clenched fists on each other's back. I remember mirages on your flat belly and your drunken intoxicating gaze.

I remember gunshots of you piercing my skin and the dimming of lights as we lay like dead individuals alive in togetherness.