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Monday, 17 February 2014

One way road ...

It had been quite a while since they parted ways. With no goodbyes being said or without even a last hug or kiss, they just decided what was apparently right for them. On a one way road, they parted ways. With different lives thereafter and accomplishments of different magnitudes, with both minds going opposite directions. One lost in numbers while the other simply lost in the one lost in numbers. Both taking the road never travelled before. With the same fears and dripping hopes, knowing they were meant to travel the world together. See the universe together. Discover life together. And yet,willingly, reluctantly they flew solo, even with the realization that both had one side each of the same wing.
With firm handshakes and formal hugs, new friends were made. Old goals were set with new zeal. Daily routine lived differently everyday in a monotonous life. Old and new faces with familiar smiles and the constantly pricking emptiness within. Steady eyes looking for that one known face in the crowd. On one fine day, the intense search paid off with a rather unexpected crossing of paths. Everyone else around thought they were just regualr strangers at the same transit at the same time but they knew different. The long separated souls along this one crazy one way road. With no bothering to turn back for a second glance but a fixed angle from the corer of the eye; what would they say to each other after such a bewildering time? Hi? Two pathetic alphabets to cover up for all the unsaid thngs? Or maybe just two alphabets encompassing eveything within?
And once again, no word was said and hearts went cold, and these two souls once again parted ways on a one way road.