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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Perfect Picture ...

I have always wanted to remmeber her
in the most primitive way
Mornings that were born
To smell like her
Like first dew that glistened shamelessly
Windows hazed up with moistured breaths
Cradled under long nights
Of coiled up slumber
Hot coffee sips 
Cups held like her waist
Carefully with love
Waking of eyes drowsy and innocent
And the searches for a face
That lies beside
Smiles that conceals the mysteries
Written as star streaks
Across night skies
When bodies didn't matter
And respirations mingled
To form the perfect picture
Her and me and us.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Tracings ...

These tracings along your spine
Of raised hopes
And dearly placed chills
Of lips rooted strongly
Along every curve and bend
Like roads yet to be taken
I will tour along you
Fingertips that will forget
To slip off
And discoveries that will be
Hidden like treasures
Under shuffled sheets
And bumpy skins.

Ranting ...

The taste of love through her lips
Times that learned to land
A month and more to make her mine
Completeness in her hand.

Poet ...

The closure she craved
Written on tombs and graves
Spread beneath sheets of time
Body of sand and dust
One day meant to rust
And a destiny of wavy lines
Fiery shadows that walked too long
Still going strong
Footsteps bled on stars
Journeyed heart and soul
Way far from whole
And well hidden scars
Redefined beauty through smiles
The ashes of longing in her eyes
A form of such graceful silhouette
Words that made home on walls
Reborn lady from each fall
She my poem, she my poet.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Simplicity ...

She was a tornado
The sting of sunrays when it first hits your eyes
The spark that breathes into thunder
There was so much untold magic
In the way she reached out
To unhelped hands
There was so much electric
In the way her soul knew how to flow
Beneath and through the blandness of the world
And shine right out the way
Her eyes shone while dancing in the rain.
She was all the simplicity found
When drops like crowns hit and made it smell like first love.
She was all the grandeur seen
Through hazes of first rain.
She was all and everything.

Ranting ...

She, of a song
Sang with so much
That every cord
Of hers,
Every tune,
Played nothing
But everything
He ever understood
And breathed in.

Forever more ...

In her eyes I found a fire
That cooled off my flmae
Grasping hands and entwined fingers
Hearts held without shame
Warmth of hers that dripped from me
Through and through the day
Curved lips of perfect words
Songs sung my way
Messy sheets threaded with love
Subtleties on breaths
Neck that held in kisses soft
Marks of turbulent rest
Pages sewed with spilled words
Rooted together we stand
A day a month a lifetime more
Squeezing back of hands 
Silent voices from me to you
Beyond infinite shores
I'll hold you as heartbeats mine
Today tomorrow forever more.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Undressed voices ...

They have started to take shapes
All these undressed voices 
That once shook
And trembled
But now roar out
To your skies
All their containment now burst open
With drippings of first dew
And the knowledge
That you will always settle
Quiet and serene
As their innermost  poetry.

Embossed moments ...

The little embossed moments
Of rugged fingers
Tracing every contour
Along your lips
When sheets and treads
Remain lonely distances
And legs entwined
We crave
For frozen tickings
Hands that have learned
Every way
Around your silhouetted waist
And eyes
That became home.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Words ...

I borrowed words
Countless words
Like stars
Smudged all across
Our skies
Lighting ways ahead
And placed them in whispers
Upon your eyes
And watched as they soaked
Teared and droped
With smiles that mothered
Every kiss
And silence that screamed
It all back.

Ranting ...

And i knew from that very instant that all the craving she had was of careless kisses planted all over her and hands that could pierce her flesh to soul, lips that would make home on her collarbone and skin that would cover her more than her own did. All the hunger in her eyes for a love that would make her forget everything else needed to survive.

You were ...

You were always the calm
Mid-oceanic flow of turbulence 
The silence of known assurance
The labyrinth of all
That is consoling
The stillness that takes over
Before every storm
The world heavy hope
Grasped within a child's fist
All the unmeasured words
That never failed to drip
From lips sealed for too long
The rays that ever managed
To bounce off my skin
for every time i smiled up
To your radiance
Every cell and crease 
that will and did cross
The blinking lifetime i live
You were always the mystery
That held body and soul tight 
So cemented
So independent
So concealed.

Pour ..

It has taken me
Quite a while
To learn how
To drip and pour
Guilt free
To dryness
The way to
Cut through
Star streaked skies
To land up
On eternity 
With feet chained
To you
And the way
To all the roads
We could take
To reach beyond
All everything.

Flow ...

She of endless tears bound
life of struggle
And mystery profound
He of pieces glued tight
Cracks of love
Wronged  rights
They of a flow eternity
Treasured memories
Seeping free
We the they so fitted fine
I be yours
You forever mine.

Electric ...

All this electric
and no way to pour them
The way goosebumps play
With every touch
Coming from your direction.
You, the breeze
That took so long to reach
And I, the ship
That was thought
To be broken.

Eternal Right ...

Halted lives and steadfast steps
Clearly mapped roads ahead
Hazy maps of us within
Clarity of reflections seen
Scarred bodies renew
Broken souls sewed
Circle of love aflame
Eyes beyond all shame
Lips parted for words true
Hands meant to hold you
Chested beats kept strong
The eternal right after crushing wrongs.