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Friday, 14 November 2014


She was fragile
Millions of pieces
Stuck together
With strength 
And she glistened in the darkness
Reflected everything 
You never wanted to be revealed
And shone right out
Of the darkest days
She was hope
Wrapped in flesh
And assurance of goodness
That flew like her blood
She was delicate
Every touch that did scar 
But she was unbreakable
Tough beyond compare 
And every word uttered were pathways
Every look maps
To the most intricate places
That she sometimes wandered to
Where she was raw and original 
And she was reborn again
Somehow Spilled out on pages of life
She was an endless novel 
Written in silence.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Only syllable...

There was no other route to self destruction, self renewal and self loving 
No other road made of such thorns that pricked and pierced to bleed nothing but love
there was no other sky that was darker 
But in a way that is home to a million stars
A place so deserted and so alive 
Birthplace and explosion of galaxies
and dust that made us 
There was no other thought so bewildering, so exotic, erratic and pious 
The only syllable that echoed through every hark and shout
Every sound of hearts crashing 
Roars that spun out and floated in nothingness
the only word with settled on raw skin 
to burn and calm flesh 
making home in nights of despair 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Settle into me ...

Settle into me
Like the dusts stirred
Through every soft moan
Of warm fingerprints
On warmer skin
That knows the electric 
Of colliding against mine
Breaths held back
Or maybe somehow forgotten
Or left with shudders strong
Arms that curl around flesh
To leave behind nothing in between
No air and no space
This way eternity fits in a single side of bed
When you are me and me you
We hold us in
Like fire dissolving in flame
And ashes that womb love
Just a night when eyes find their salvation
And heaven feels petty
This is so much more
A hundred infinities sealed as kisses
On lips that part for unhindered roars
A million lifetimes
Births and deaths 
Collaged and framed
When you flow and stir
And finally rest in me.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Phantom Presence ...

Many a times have i felt
A phantom presence
Of some longed entitiy
That knew to take your shape
Rebuild me
In times of ruins
When darkness was not jut the night
And hollowness grew not just in forbidden corners
This apparition that knew
To softly steal all and breaths
to renew and remake
With silent kisses on wishful lips
All of me that had started to rust
This ghost of a soul
That lingered as warm fingertips on cold skin
When you made home quietly
In the most necessary corners of my mind
And the only thing that I realized
It was always you.