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Saturday, 19 July 2014

I will ...

I will whisper it all out
Every last atom of you
To the very last line of our existence. 
I will drown myself suffocatingly
In the ocean of you
Till I have reached the very depth.
I will let it pierce my skin
All that you are borne of
All those stiched pieces.
I will not stop
Till all that you are to me
Have found perfect verses and words
To scribble their way out of this unsaid agony.
I will bleed till you find your rightful place
In the arms of alphabets.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Movement ...

She moved with grace that
For eternity
Outshone divinity.
All her simple motions
were the foundings
Of the holy pier
On which I knelt
With pure enlightenment 
Of every speck of everything
We shared as one.

She ...

There was always something so exotic about her. She was like the perfectly mysterious snowflake that settled even before winter came all dressed. She was the first anonymous blot on paper and the unknown drop that smudged her way through colors numerous. She was the disastrous storm that people risked their lives to capture in every raw piece of flesh. The first drizzle of strange origin and the hark of all that managed to leave one breathless. She was the wind that saturated every pore of my shriveled up self. She was all the clarity I could never see on my own.

I know them ...

I know them well now.
I can recognise them from miles away.
All and every rhythm they have learned
I know them by heart now.
Will you not, my love, stop a while
And allow me to trace every single vein
Through which they flow.
The music they make.
The way they breathe into me.
Your heartbeat.

Walls ...

The walls have started to crumble
They have started to crash to grounds
And leave nothing but scarred rubble.
And I can see you standing there
Amdist the oceanic turbulence
Of not knowing how to walk
Without the weight of the walls.
I see you and I can tell
With all breathlessness
You have never looked
So beautiful
So illuminated
So clothed
And so bare.

Tell me ...

Tell me now
what remnants would I leave behind of me
If not for you
Glueing the pieces together.
And how would your reflection feel
If not for mine reflecting you back.
Or how we could know
Who we were to truly become
If not for this.
Tell me, tell me now.

Run smooth ...

Run smooth through my veins
Like passion and poison
And leave not a single cell empty
With your intoxication. 
We have learned to swirl like flames
And blend like alcohol.
In this whatever scrap of lifetime we have left
Be me and I'll be you
And we will flow valiantly
Through the valleys of our bodies
Till we reach the depth of the everything nothing.
Then we shall flow ever more.

Ranting ...

The more of you in the less of me
And all the completeness we define.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Tiny aggregates ...

These rays that have learnt
To creep ever so slowly
Into every careless cracks
That help join our pieces together.
Like tiny aggregates of you
Within tinier pores of me
And the countless ways
I learn to adhere to you.
I promise, in this blinking lifetime of mine,
I will be home to every gritty dust
You make yourself of
And love you in ways
You never could have imagined possible.

Whisper ...

"How far?", she whispered.
"Love", I said,
"Till horizons merge with our skin and ashes unite as one from our souls. Till we've become the we we've always needed to become."

Can I ? ...

Can I, against all oddities, 
Splurge all that I have,
All that I am,
Converting them to words countless
And touches infinite
And send them storming your way?
Can I, against all repulsions,
Sweep my arm around your waist
Pull you close
And place hummings along your cheekbones
To finally live off the cravings?
Can I, against all separation
Chisel your name like sacred offerings
On bricks of every walls in between
And  build mountains
To scream and thunder with sheer affection
All the need I house so  rampant within?
Will you echo it all back?

Wordlessness ...

Every word that echoed, every promise made 
To be kept, To be broken
Made for assurance, Made for shelter.
Every single syllable that ever rolled
And poured over our landscapes
To map with certainty the paths we walked.
Every sound of everything never heard.
I say them to you, today, again.
Will you be still, so still,
Till the last sound has been spilled and overflown?
Drown with me now in this wordlessness.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Destined ...

Oh the many wars fought
With hearts and minds
To prove again and again
All the dynasties that ever will
Exist within me
Will be build on foundations
Of you
and all that do and will
hold your shadows 
To make kingdoms of us
With twirling ashes
Of concrete
Of what was
And will forever be