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Monday, 27 April 2015

Beyond ...

I tried to wrap me around you
Like sheets of thick numbness
Stitched and weaved as cloaks
Covered in fine fibres of permanence 
Dusts that are stirred 
Dance and blow to new nowheres
I wanted to bandage every broken waves
That surge and rise and play on you
Swirls of frenzied exaltation 
Drops of reverence 
But covered can be bodies
Earthly soil of carved curves
That walk through the lessened lights
That stagger and stutter through stones
And you, calming storms, beyond land air and sea
You, unawakened soul of heaven 
You, untouched mystery of beauty 
You, beyond the light , beyond the darkness. 

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Shatter me ...

I would love to see my soul shatter
on your skin
and burst apart like a million stars
I'd hear the melody of the breakage 
and write up the notes
Glitters on Sea
Like flares of some long made bonfire 
of dried out branches
and embers of passion 
the crash would be passionate 
like lava flowing through our veins
and your body the canvas
where the Spilled colors will drip
shatter me.

Puzzle piece ...

I will love you in pieces
Your fragments 
That Pierce and cut through your skin
Puncture holes in your lungs
Of some unnamed person 
That shattered your flow
I will love the remnants you leave behind 
With every lost step towards rediscovery 
Kiss the earth stained with bleeding feet
Where lilies grow in reverence 
I will look at my broken image
In your mirror 
And see the wholeness 
Of us bearing uneven fissures 
That were always meant
To join like the destined puzzle piece.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Cage ...

Sing to me of nightly wonders
Rains that gush down like war
Lashing waves of longing lust
Echoes of lands afar
Dance with me on twirling blackholes
These cosmic whips of time
Waist to waist in thundering space
This unquenchable thirst of mine
Write to me in endless roars
Poems beyond the Shores of sand 
Washed green leaves of pious sins
Cracks of fate through your hands
Shout with me in torn apart voices
Veins that throb in rage
Scars on skin carressed and smoothed
Come break free from your cage.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Tonight ...

Tonight I will toast to heartbreaks 
The soulful sadness of love
The night will drown us in once more
And we will again rise above
Tonight I will cry out loud
The dampened sound of vain
Cloudbursts of some knee cut kid
Wanderlust of rains
Tonight I will drink to it
The clinks and shatters of glass
Try again to calm the rattle
Of broken things meant to last.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

You ...

There is thunder in every word you say. Like rain tiptoeing on bashing storms. the melody of wrath and the peace of fury when the clouds burst open. You, the splash on green grass when soil is but parched and dry. You, the call of wild. Every move like waltzing clouds on a night that lasts too less for hearts to overflow into each other, and skin to become one. You.

Farewell ...

Today I let you go again.
Once again I get to feel more of you than the less of your presence.
Today is another halt for the promises never broken and days lived.
Another far cry from the throat lump that holds in your name with every word.
Yet another day of rainbows spreading through sooted skies.
Today I find courage of not piercing my lungs from hidden sighs.
Today I feel a bit more than never before.
Today I love you again.

All and Everything ...

I write from wrung out strings of my heart
that beat through the air that fills you lungs
of green eyed wantings
to play on the notes of your ribs
piano keys
this lush ecstasy of knowing
the way your goosebumps will rest on mine
the lust of soul unweathered and unleashed
like a fury that blows through your hair
filling the spaces between my needs
and the way your eyes know to shine above a million galaxies
all and everything I have fallen for
all and everything and you.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Some nights ...

Some nights are different than other nights.
They make me think of you.
Maybe just a moment of laughter shared.
Or the endless talks of hows and whys and whats.
Some nights I lie down and can feel your heart beat in me.
Or the pillows still dented by your support. 
Some nights the air carries your smell.
And the sooted silence sounds like you.
Some nights the stars take your shape.
Hands curl on their own holding on to the gap that you once filled.
Some nights are longer than other nights.
They don't seem to end and they don't seem to begin.
They just stay.
Like you.
A presence of absence. 
Hollowed memories of someone or something dear.
Some nights seem like just yesterday when you were here.
Some nights are poemless and emotionless. 
Some nights are entirely you.