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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Settle into me ...

Settle into me
Like the dusts stirred
Through every soft moan
Of warm fingerprints
On warmer skin
That knows the electric 
Of colliding against mine
Breaths held back
Or maybe somehow forgotten
Or left with shudders strong
Arms that curl around flesh
To leave behind nothing in between
No air and no space
This way eternity fits in a single side of bed
When you are me and me you
We hold us in
Like fire dissolving in flame
And ashes that womb love
Just a night when eyes find their salvation
And heaven feels petty
This is so much more
A hundred infinities sealed as kisses
On lips that part for unhindered roars
A million lifetimes
Births and deaths 
Collaged and framed
When you flow and stir
And finally rest in me.

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