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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Lighthouse ...

Reach out with you hands and stretch those long creased fingers as far as they can go. It does not matter if they fade and burn out in the horizon. You've been standing here with patient feet and the struggle through every turmoil is carved like magic on you.
Time has been witness to the youth you've carried so valiantly within you all this while, the way it had always outshone every silver lining that cracked through the clouds. The soil you stand on house all your secrets that you have treasured, carrying the weight of all words that ever missed to trickle from your lips.
I sail to you from this sea of long forgotten belongings.  This sea of messed up patterns spread uniformly across everything. Amidst all these fumbles and fogged nothing, stand proud. Stand tall like the lighthouse you've always been and I will sail my way safely to you.

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