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Monday, 19 May 2014

I remember ...

I remember the muffled sound of clothes being carelessly thrown to the floor and the rustling sound of leaves in the dried air of the afternoon. I remember the solidarity that we were surrounded by and shirts, like flowers being plucked off our skins. I remember the smell of your hair and the still traceable fingerprint you left behind on every single cell of mine. I remember the fulfilling of every single vow we never made and the sound of us gasping for air.

I remember the world going apocalyptic still and then bursting into flames as we lazed around making silent love. I remember tender kisses being planted with glances and the unfastening of desires that spread achingly though us. I remember synchronised heartbeats and the exploring of worlds undiscovered. I remember feet tangled up like knots and fingers knitted together. I remember the feel of your flesh on mine and the resting of you on me.

I remember spending eternity coiled up and carved together. I remember warm bed of intimacy and cold perspirations of drugged wants. I remember the silent crashing of your waves on my shore and clenched fists on each other's back. I remember mirages on your flat belly and your drunken intoxicating gaze.

I remember gunshots of you piercing my skin and the dimming of lights as we lay like dead individuals alive in togetherness. 

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