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Friday, 9 May 2014

Flame ...

There was always this flame you carried within you, a flame you were so blissfully unaware of. It was like a part of you you loved to deny. Sometimes, I think, that you acknowledged it so well that maybe that was the reason why you never let anyone past those concrete walls you had up around you all the time. And today I stand a proud soul with fortunate burns within me, as proof of being the adamant moth to make it to the core of you, through the most scenic route there ever can be. To make it to your core through every cell of your body. Through every crack concealed by the radiance and every feeling in the making. I've seen them all. Every naked detail of your soul your tried to hide under the blinding shine and every broken piece you thought you had mended so well. I have traced every fracture in you and put every puzzle piece completing you and with every touch I have been inflamed myself. In our reflections, I have seen our flames tangle and flicker and combine and dance in the most ecstatic way imaginable, sending out auras all over. I have felt us burn with calmness and be left with scars that matched each others. I have seen you look at me with thankfulness for making it all the way througnh and sharing the pain. And with every breath we shared, you've set me on fire again and again.

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