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Friday, 16 May 2014

I want ...

That old t-shirt that you've had all your life. The one in which you cuddle yourself to sleep every night.
I want to be as close to you as that.
I want your warmth seeping through every thread that makes me and I want your scent to slowly drip all the way down to my innermost destination.
I want to be a spectator of all the wildest things that spins through your head and I want to audience all the dreams you dream.
I want to feel your wholesome innocence being shared through me.
I want to be the secret that you keep to yourself because you don't want the world to know how raw you can be.
I want to be crisply crumpled by you and the weight of all the wisdom you silently carry.
I want to be all that to you.
I want to be the answer to all the questions you ask yourself.

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