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Friday, 16 May 2014

Come ...

Come loudly, silently, dancing on tip toes when the moon is full. Come heed my invitation. We'll make this night chant our names. Come, the sheets await your tenderness. I'll carry you with all the strength I have and with every step we'll make million dreams come true. Let's curl ourselves up in the skin of ours and share the drops that form on them. Will you be the whisper which every minuscule piece of me beckons to? We've grown tired of the meaningless ticking of time and I see the weariness in your eyes. Where every touch heralds a new awakening, let's go there. Slide on the avalanches of our passion. Come, we'll make childish love and break every fence and wire that ever surrounded us. We'll start a new road at every dead end, for beyond every road of yours is a road that leads to me. Come, we'll find each other again, anew, raised on clouds and surrounded by all that we feel. Come, let's feel together all the ice cold emotions that have been dormant in our souls. There is no destination and we have no where to go. You've been so dead in the world, come, be reborn in me. With chilly breaths I'll whisper your name on your skin and watch you tremble with fiersome pleasure. No, we will hush, not make even the faintest sound. The only sound will be that of us colliding and our atoms being spread far and wide. We'll meander aimlessly till we reach the point of no return and from there we'll build new paths. Come, lose yourself in me, for tonight's the night when the moon is full, the sky of unknown heights and us inseparable. Come, it's time for us to whore a little more, it's our time when you and me merge irreversibly into we.

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