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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Nights ...

They are not just nights filled with your essence, they are so much more.
They are the bearers of the light that shines right out of you.
Thay are soldiers with bloodied hand that protect and blanket you with the silence that fills your soul.
They hold the dug up graves of all the words you've swallowed. 
They nurse your intimate desires like children of their own womb.
They start wars against every single thorn that ever tries to prick the way your thoughts race.
They are the guardians of everything pure in you.
They are the lighthouse that guide your unconfined imagination
They are paths that pave your journey.
They are the signs I follow to find my way home to you.
No, they are not just nights.
They are shooting stars upon whom I place my endless wishes and watch each one of them be fulfilled in you.

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