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Monday, 26 May 2014

Greeting ...

This earth and the way it greets us with its drenched self. 
The way it knows to quietly break the news of the
Drops that had been crashing all night
On its thirsty body, after a wait a bit too long.
While we were dreaming away in some world unreal
How it went lunatic with splashes of it getting mixed up.
This chill that it brings along
As proof of all the wildness that it was witness to.
The way is comes on tip toe
Planting soft kisses on your skin
And you shuffle a bit more tigher to me.
Legs entwined under this one blanket
And the way your head rises and falls on my breathing.
The world outside is dripping nothing but green
And the way the morning sweeps away
Every last bit of everything
That loved it less
Than the rain that danced on it.

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