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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Chaos ...

My veins throb with the sense of you flowing through me, hot like lava and molten like magma. I feel chills flowing down through the course of my spine as our skin raise up in goosebumps that touch the mountain top of our ecstacy. We crawl and snake together under the ocean of blankets and let out breaths heavy with the relief of worldly tensions. I want nothing else, I want this, you, so raw in every inch and our flesh becoming one. We stay blind with eyes shut closed, finding ourselves in the loop of each other's arm. Such warm embrace, such thundering spirits and we shake with the earthquake of our beings. I beg you, please hold me tight for I might get so lost in you that it might become difficult to find a way out. But, do I want out? What would remain of me if not for you discovering the life in every cell of mine? I exhaust myself with the repeated diving into your deepest depths. It is a shivering joyous pain in us and the breaking of every dam that ever embanked the limits of our spreading universe. The bed grows jealous of the births we spend together again and again and the collapsing into the sheets of every last drop of energy. Squeezed out and churned up like a storming tornado, we fall lifeless still. Do we still exist in the same universe as we did while we created chaos with every move of ours? Because everything is calm and composed now. The violence gone. Heartbeats like rapid hummings, so fast it scares us to pale white glows but we glow still. Your glow is now mine as mine was forever yours. This stillness embarks splinters of the fire we awoke a while before, that is now going cold. You break down in tears and every drop that crashes to the palm of my numb hand, heralds the arriving of a new storm, one with fiercer rage and one that will omit everything mortal in its way. I long for that storm in you for it is through that storm from which every atom of my universe is born again, through lifetimes infinite.

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