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Sunday, 4 May 2014

There is one thing you should know ...

There is one thing you should know. 

How I can still feel your eyes upon me, like stabbing knives cutting through my flesh and with every ripping apart of my skin, you bleeding out. How I can just stand like a rock and feel my soul flow out of me like an untamed river upon your looking. With no resistance offered, how every last drop of emotion you manage to drain out of me while I just stare back at you staring back at me.

Oh that look! soundless words, innumerable as the stars filling up the sky, long dead from the wait for them too shine upon mortal world and yet with that one glance you feel in every atom of your body, every minutest burst of energy that has caused it to traverse the universe before ending up in front of your gazing eyes. How helpless you leave me feeling with every touch of yours, like a million war being fought inside me. I lose. I win. I conquer and I am left defeated. With numerous kingdoms lost in me for battles fought with so much passion that it sets my blood on fire and I burn in soothing flames of you and in it I find my redemption.

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