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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

This city ...

This city. With its many heartbeats and hauntings. Of grounds lit on fire and dried trees with its uncountable accounted lover names carved. Roads dry and wet, of millions of bit of broken words and promises. Buildings of concrete and the monochromatic roadways with their trails of star dotted car lights. Flashlights and headlights and all the universal sounds. Cries and laughs, screams and whispers, noises and silence. Graveyards surrounded by so much life. Colors everywhere. Hoardings of neon and leaves lit up by some unseen unknown light.Tattooed pavements, of footprints and tyre marks and a few hurting cracks here and there. Strangers and known ones. Families, glued with emotions and smiles. Fingers curled into each other's. And you.
Home in a home.

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