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Sunday, 15 March 2015

The World With You ...

I don't want mediocre love
I want something bigger, greater
More magnificent than any of us
I want to travel the world with you
Get matching shirts and learn new languages together
I want mornings in different corners of the world with you
Take you out to lunch in different restaurants across the world
Make new friends together
And take silly pictures in front of historical monuments
I want matching tattoos and hands held on unknown journeys
Count stars on mysterious lands
And end up making love under foreign skies
I don't want four walls with you
I want a small bagpack and never ending roads through lily fields
I want the shine in your eyes with every new destination and every new sunrise
I will not settle for mediocracy
You were born for the universe
And there is no way I will confine your roots to the same place
I want us, a new us every day
Discovering new desires and crossroads
I want random lost highways and colorful festivals with you
I want all of you around all that is

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