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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Imperfections ...

I like imperfections.
Especially yours.
The tugs, the hugs, and the nags.
I like the hunger pangs after every two hours.
And I like the random wrap arounds in the middle of the hottest afternoon.
I like your emptiness and the way it resonates with mine.
I like the silly faces and the voice overs and the way you always forget to hang your clothes after washing them.
I like your crooked way of sleeping and the frog horn snores.
I like your face buried in my neck the first thing in the morning when you're nudging me to wake up.
I like your procrastination and the constant irritability that comes along with it.
I like it all. Every crack, every creek, and every corner.
Also, I like all these a lot more than just liking. I might just start using the word, Love.

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