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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Brown eyes ...

The room's not big enough like it is back home.
It's clumsy, very messy and hardly ever cleaned.
But there are two beds that join like bones and somehow manage to sustain our beings on it.
There's one window, with one view, that glorifies that one tree visible and lights up the wall that has all your pictures up but we hardly ever pay attention to.
Sometimes, it's 2 in the morning and my sleeping pills don't kick in hard enough and I lay there listening to you breathe.
And some nights, when the moon is full, and your face is towards me, I can see just how your eyes curve and your lips curl and how the skin you hate so much glows with such grace.
Some nights are sweltering and you snore ever so fidgety, ever so loudly. 
But when the morning light hits your face and your eyes adjust to the brightness,
That's when I realize it's so true:
Brown eyes are just brown eyes, till you fall in love with someone with brown eyes.

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