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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Those random thoughts that take over every inch of your brain sometimes...

So, don't you just love days when you can laze around and do nothing? Get up anytime you like and sleep anytime you want, without caring how many hours you stay awake? Think about circumstances you'll probably never ever face, think of the actions you might take if ever they happen. Or maybe go back to old conversations and think of really clever and witty answers you could have given instead of the dumb replies you actually gave. Imagine how the world would turn out to be if ever you got superpowers (I'd personally love to have the power of invisibility). Maybe even think about what you'd do if you ever won a huge amount of money in a lottery. Or maybe just turn your philosophical mode on and ponder over the deep things of life, ask those really mind-boggling, extremely philosophical questions about life and love and death and come up with really impressive answers and think "jeez, why didn't I ever think of that before? I'm a genius. I should become some famous person and start spreading these words of eternal wisdom around!" ... Or maybe just not worry about eating healthy or following any schedule about your calorie intakes, forget that the world exists and, you know, just laze around...

Ah, that is what I'd describe as heaven. Of course, my heaven would come fully equipped with a lot of other accessories; high calorie food (those are the tastiest, almost satanic if you ask me ;) ) drinks, especially coffee with whipped cream and ice-cream, tons and tons of chocolate,  a good movie collection, my playlist, episodes from my favorite shows and cartoons, a super comfortable bed and about 3 super soft pillows.

Yeah, these are the kind of thoughts you'll get when reality is kind of haunting you with exams knocking at the door and your enthusiasm to study level being absolutely 0. Also, when it's midnight and all your brain can think of is KFC and McDonald's and Cafe Coffee Day and Pizza Hut and every other luring eat-outs there is. Call me a pig but I bet that happens to everyone once in a while and honestly, I think it's healthy. At least it proves that you still have the capability to process the good stuff around you even when your head is super-saturated with bio-physics and chemistry or whatever serious thing it is that you spent your day doing!

Well, I'm going to go, sit up till as long as I can keep my eyes open and dream away about the tempting things that have already started to block up my thinking abilities.

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