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Sunday, 23 June 2013

The beginning...

So, I'm not really much of a writer. As a matter of fact, I don't write at all, for the simple reason that I lose track easily. I start writing with some theme and by the time I finish it, it lands up in a whole different theme altogether. It's almost like google-ing gadgets. I mean, you start with looking at subtle things like maybe headphones and before you know it, you are scrolling through really high-end phones, priced so lavishly that you just scroll a few more times before you finally conclude that you have  gained enough knowledge about stuff you can never even think of buying. 

Well, as per the rules of being civilized go, before I start off with the most random blabbering, I ought to introduce myself.
My name is Irina but no, I am not Russian. I did try learning that language but I guess you can't pile on extra courses when you are doing your graduation under Calcutta University (no offense!). As of now, I am a normal teenager with the regular teenage confusions and blah blah blah, yeah you all know how it is. I am, uh, literally in love with snakes or any reptile as of that matter (yep, you read it right). I am a hardcore environmental science student and I do do my bit to make the Earth more green and more sustainable. In all honesty, I don't know what I am good at. I mean, I absolutely cannot sing (I get an ear-bleed hearing myself sing), I cannot dance (except for those rowdy street dances which every bengali can do), if i draw an apple, it looks more like some highly mutated rotten fruit instead, I click decent photos though, atleast worthy enough to be backed up in some folder which i hardly ever view and writing, well, you've already got an idea about how much I suck at this. So basically i'm yet to find that out, but I guess i'll get there sooner or later.

Simple, because I am jobless. Just kidding. But not entirely! I am blogging because right now even this seems better than studying, you know what they say, when you sit to study, even staring at the walls become interesting. Also because I think everyone should try their hand at everything 'cuz "frankly my dear", you never know. ;)

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