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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Winter Rain ...

It was a cold and chilly day, the day we met. Freezing temperatures. That one road traveled so many times with its birth and repairs and cracks and the many silent scars it bore. The numerous stories it was witness to, new beginnings and the many adieus it silently heard.

It was pouring hard,the drops like piercing needles with a painful numbness. It continued like that, monotonous and gloomy. That was when I heard her for the first time. So much life in that faint laughter, so much joy as if she had known so much pain that something so petty like the winter rain could make her so ecstatic.

Yeah, there she was. Smiling and laughing without any reason. Dancing in the rain. And the lighting danced along with her and thunder played the playlist and I stood there, hypnotized.
She was passionate about the rain, and I was passionate about the way she loved it. She was beautiful, like a volcano, erupting with joy, like a forest fire, with no confinement, she was the spark I yearned for.

"I was never insane, except upon occasions when my heart was touched." - Edgar Allen Poe.


  1. I never felt the romance so deeply before :) hats off!!!!!!!! This is deadly romantic <3 <3