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Monday, 26 August 2013

Two souls...

There was a look in her eyes. Something so sad, so overpowering. It was almost as if you could see her whole soul reflected in them. Every single mistake.

Those eyes that once shone brighter than daylight had now gone dull. She didn't mean to but she had to. Goodbyes always killed her and this was bidding farewell to the one person that meant more than anything else. This was farewell to the person who, amidst all the chaos, knew her, understood her. This was adieu to the one person who loved her more than anything else, more than anyone else.

She just stood there in silence, telling a hundred words, but saying nothing at all. Just standing there in the numbness waiting for the seconds to either stand still or pass by so fast that it felt unreal. But nothing was unreal. It was happening and she was causing it. There was not a single soul who knew the reason why she did it, she just did.

That face that once had the most divine halo had gone blank now. She did say goodbye but in a way as if she didn't want to, she didn't mean to. She looked away for she couldn't bear to see the pain she had caused. No one saw this coming, not even her. Everything was fine a few hours ago and now, it was all like a crumbling house of cards that had lost its balance and there was absolutely nothing that could stop it from falling down, piece after piece.

There was no one around and no one ever knew. There were only questions that still remain unanswered for there can be no answer to this. It was always meant to be, it was special and it was strong and they both thought nothing could go wrong. Unpredictability is what makes life so intriguing. It's what keeps us flowing through the motions, making us human.

We all wish for hindsight, and the ability to un-do the moments that crack us up, bring out the worst in us but alas! Nothing ever is picture perfect but that does not mean there can be no perfection.

The rest of the journey was going to be lonely. With overwhelmingly strong regrets. But with the hope that maybe one day, somewhere, somehow, she will be forgiven. She will be loved again.

But right now, she just stood there. Waiting. Regretting. She meant to mend and secure her own heart.
But she ended up breaking two souls. 

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